Hello, and welcome to Wildfire Cove. Wildfire Cove (hereby referred to as WFC) is an online Text-Based game and community dedicated to playing living, breathing, fleshed out world set in a fictional area of the United States based in the vast expanse of the Florida Everglades where all sorts of interesting and intriguing things take place.

Connect to wildfirecove.tk on port 4201 to join in on the adventure

We are a MUSH (Multi User Shared Habitat) styled game which is closely related to a number of other text-based game platforms which are collectively referred to simply as MU*s. If you've already come this far and are interested in finding more about the game in a general sense, please refer to the About Us page. If you're looking for more roleplaying related information as to the cities, towns, people, and places that Wildfire Cove has to offer, please head over to the Game Setting page.

Thank You,
The WFC Staff

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